Outlaw Series – PCI Front Upper Camber Arms (’92-’95 Civic, ’94-’01 Integra) Positive Caster Offset


  • *** De facto ball joint COM (commercial) Series spherical bearings replaced with NMB aerospace ABT10 bearings. Kingpin Machine specific upgrade. **
  • *** Original PCI spherical bearings are still included as spares. Price increase is for bearing cost only. No labor charge! ***
  • Adjustable camber up to 1.5 degrees positive  to 2.5 degrees negative past OEM arms
  • CNC machined 7075 T6 Aluminum adjustable spherical bearing block
  • CNC machined and heat treated stainless steel high misalignment 45 degree spacers
  • Zinc plated 3/16″ super stiff steel arms
  • Fine thread 10 mm 10.9 grade hardware


  • Compact design allows factory suspension travel to be retained
  • Reduced tire temperature and tire wear when properly adjusted for application
  • Improved cornering, braking and throttle response
  • Reduced wheel alignment changes
  • Very stiff 3/16″ steel arms eliminate unwanted arm flex
  • Long lasting, maintenance free and fully rebuild-able
  • ** Built in positive caster offset **


  • ’92-’95 Honda Civic
  • ’94-2001 Acura Integra
Price: $397.00