Custom Machining

EF Radius Rod Bearing

Prototyping a new part is not generally an easy or quick process. In the case of creating a spherical bearing conversion for a stock suspension arm, the first step is to press the stock bushings out of the arm. This generally requires turning dies to support the bottom of the suspension arm and another die to press the stock bushing out of the arm. Once the stock bushings have been removed, measurements are taken of the bushing and the arm and the optimum bearing is selected based on a number of criteria. The measurements of the component parts are also determined to ensure that the aftermarket components will fit properly in the stock arms. Next, a 3D CAD design is created of the individual component parts. In this example, a bearing sleeve, two spacers and third party bearing and c-clip 3D models will be virtually created and assembled. This virtual assembly is checked for any possible issues related to clearance and fitment.

Next, a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) program is created to instruct the machine how to cut the parts. The vast number of steps required to actually machine and more importantly check that machined parts are produced to tolerance is beyond the scope of this discussion. What is worth noting is that we eat all development costs on custom parts that we create. If you require a custom part and we think there might possibly be a market, we do not charge you for the actual time invested. We simply charge you the same sales price we would charge any other customer. That is only fair. Even if we only sell one set of that part. If you wish to retain intellectual property rights of a part that you design then we can produce the part at the rate of $65 an hour. But for the racer that simply wants a quality part that is not currently produced, we can often machine a product for a tiny fraction of what a typical machine shop might charge.

Every product that we produce has been developed in this fashion. So the guy with the CB7 Accord that had front LCAs developed paid the same price as the guy that had DC2 Integra front LCAs developed. Even though only one set of CB7 Accord arm parts has ever been produced and many more DC2 Integra arms have been produced. If you can work with us in terms of time required to fit in new prototypes we will work with you on price. We have a passion for racing cars and love developing new applications for race cars. We don’t want you to settle for substandard parts or pay top dollar hourly rates for custom parts if we can help it.