CCC Racing SFWD Civic

The next event for the Kingpin Machine sponsored CCC Racing Civic is the 17th Annual World Cup Finals (Import vs Domestic) November 2-4th, 2012 held at MIR. The CCC Racing Civic features Kingpin Machine Outlaw Series spherical front LCAs, Outlaw Series Compliance Bearings and Outlaw Series spherical front UCAs. Be sure to follow both Kingpin Machine and CCC Racing on Facebook!

New Product Development

We are happy to develop spherical bearing applications for the most popular or the most obscure race cars. We have just developed a front lower control arm application for the CB7 Accord (90-93) for a Honda Challenge car. Currently in development is a front radius rod spherical bearing application for the Honda CRX and the CB7 Accord. Both units will utilize bearings from New Hampshire Ball Bearing (NHBB) and will feature an axial load rating of over 9,000 lbs per bearing. Unlike the competition, these bearings will NOT wear out in 2 race weekends!

Customer Feedback

“The car handles better than ever before.  The problem that I used to have is that it wouldn’t hold an alignment, even with the delrin ones [bushings].  Which made it extremely unpredictable, especially under hard braking.  Since I swapped in your pieces, it is absolutely perfect every time, which gives me the confidence to use the whole track and push the car harder than I used to.  I love them.”

Matt Bookler NASA PTC Civic #33