Outlaw Series EF Civic/CRX Spherical Rear LCAs

*** $70 refundable core charge already included in price. *** The Outlaw Series EF Civic/CRX spherical rear lower control arm (LCA) conversion utilizes the extremely high end NHBB (New Hampshire Ball Bearing) Racing Series of bearings. CNC turned 4140 HT steel sleeves are pressed in the LCAs and tig tack welded for redundancy. Bearings are retained via interference and retaining compound. As always, shoulders are used on the ID and OD of the bearing sleeve to further reduce any chance of disassembly and a c-clip provides additional redundancy in bearing retention. 7075 AL is used for the bearing spacers.

The EF Civic rear LCA application also includes delrin shims that install around the forward facing spacers at the inner pivot points. The issue with EF/DA/DC/EG cars when running sphericals is that the rear sway bar will rotate the rear LCA on corner entry until the bearing sleeve contacts the bearing spacer. This causes some strange handling effects and occurs because the rear LCA is not triangulated. ie. There is only one inner pivot point for the rear LCA whereas there are two inner pivot points for the front LCA. Most, if not all, EF/DA/DC/EG rear LCA spherical conversions do not address this issue. Our delrin shims still allow the rear suspension to freely articulate and retain the benefits of very low stiction and deflection that a spherical bearing pivot provides. However, the delrin shims limit the rotation of the LCA to a degree or two while their excellent slip and wear characteristics induce negligible friction/stiction. Delrin shims are also pressed into the back of the shock mount sleeves. These shims prevent the shock forks from contacting the LCA.

Bearing Technical Specifications – ABWT10
– Ultimate Static Radial Load: 58,500 LBS.
– Ultimate Static Axial Load: 9,195 LBS.

NHBB Bearing Technical Specifications – ABT9
– Radial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 34,800
– Axial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 5,520

Note: A $70 core charge refund is offered on OEM core exchanges for this product and is already included in the price.

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