Outlaw Series DC Integra/EG Civic Compliance Bearings

*** $40 refundable core charge already included in price. *** The DC2 Integra/EG Civic compliance bushing conversion replaces the large imprecise stock rubber bushing with a NHBB (New Hampshire Ball Bearing) Racing Series spherical bearing. The bearing is located in a 4140 steel sleeve tack welded to the housing and captured with a 4140 steel bearing retainer also tack welded in place. Four aluminum spacers are included with the conversion to precisely locate the assembly on the arm. Designed such that the large stock washers can be discarded.

The Outlaw Series product features NHBB bearings capable of withstanding the extremely high axial loads seen by the front LCA rear pivot point on a DC/EG drag car. Our compliance bearing assembly paired with our Outlaw Series spherical front LCA virtually eliminates the dynamic toe change inherent in traditional rubber suspension bushings. The NHBB bearing features a heat treated stainless steel ball and race.

NHBB Bearing Technical Specification
– Ultimate Static Radial Load: 93,300 LBS.
– Ultimate Static Axial Load: 14,025 LBS.

Note: A $40 core charge refund is offered on OEM core exchanges for this product.

Price: $370.00
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