Minebea (NMB) PTFE Lined, Wide Series

The NMB wide series racing/aerospace bearings are our first choice for lower control arm applications here at Kingpin Machine. Good enough for jet fighters and commercial aircraft, good enough for your race car.

  • They have high axial load ratings (axial load is the greatest contributor to rapid wear in our experienced opinion).
  • They are constructed of stainless steel. Ball from 440C CRES, heat treated. Race from 17-4PH, heat treated.
  • They utilize an extremely high end and consistent Teflon liner that allows for smooth articulation and consistent stiction.
  • Their precise size and stiction tolerances help us provide our customers with a better product. Kingpin actually switched from a competitor early on in the business because for the modest price increase, the NMB quality was simply light years ahead.
  • They offer a phenomenal value. While the NMB bearings definitely aren’t cheap, you can expect popping and wear from many COM (Commercial Series) bearings your first track weekend or even first session. Even high quality COM Series bearings (like Aurora) can become noisy and develop noticeable play within a year or a 1000 miles. Kingpin has customers with over 10,000 hard road race miles and 8+ years of wear on the original NMB bearings. We have 850WHP time attack cars with 5+ years on bearings with no play. 2000WHP, 7 second drag cars have seen 5+ years of use with no popping or noticeable play. At 3 times the price of similar COM offerings customers are seeing 10 times or more lifespan. Value.

We currently stock ABWT9, ABWT10 and ABWT12 chamfer type (not v-grooved) bearings. We offer the full line of NMB bearings however in chamfer and v-groove type so please email us with any needs!