Minebea (NMB) PTFE Lined, Narrow Series

The NMB narrow series racing/aerospace bearings have a nice feature in that their size specification is essentially the same as the popular industry standard COM (commercial) Series spec. For example, the popular PCI adjustable upper control arms for the DC Integra/EG Civic or the EK Civic version or EF version all use COM-10T bearings in the de facto ball joint. You can easily swap in NMB ABT10 bearings for a true race reliable part from which you can generally expect years of quiet, problem free operation.

Kingpin Machine tends to use the narrow series bearings in applications like upper control arm mounts and front LCA compliance bearings where a thinner bearing is often required. We also utilize them in applications, such as the one detailed above, where a reliable race ready aerospace bearing is preferred over a noisy and fast wearing commercial bearing. The thinner bearing does result in a trade off of a slightly lower axial load rating at virtually the same price. So we tend to use the wide series in similar sizes when possible. 

Traditionally, SAE size bearings are referred to by their bearing ball inside diameter size. So an ABT14 would be called a 7/8″ bearing. An ABT12 a 3/4″ bearings. The very popular ABT10, a 5/8″ bearing, and so on. If not otherwise specified, it is usually assumed that a spherical bearing is the narrow/COM series size spec. Though again, Kingpin strongly holds the belief that the Wide Series aerospace style bearing should be used when possible. Increased longevity and load rating, at a minimal increase or sometimes even a reduced price trade off, are huge advantages of the wide series bearings when allowed.