EK Civic Front UCA Sphericals

*** This application only includes the spherical bearing assemblies and not the actual upper control arms. *** The bearing sleeves were designed based off of the Skunk2 Tuner Series arms. However, the basic design can likely be modified to fit stock arms for SCCA legality or possibly other aftermarket UCAs. Please contact us for more information. The Kingpin Machine bearing sleeves are radiused to match perfectly with the radius on each outer portion of the Skunk2 arm. The opposed radius design provides an added measure of safety in safeguarding against accidental disassembly. The bearings are retained in the sleeves via a combination of interference and Loctite 609. A c-clip provides an additional safety factor and an ID shoulder is utilized again in opposing fashion. Sleeves are machined from 4140 HT (a medium prehardened alloy steel) and spacers are machined from 7075 Aluminum (an aluminum alloy that is harder and stronger than mild steel).

While the actual arms are NOT included with this assembly, we prefer that you send us your arms for fitment. There is no charge for installation other than the shipping charge to send the arms. As with a stock Honda arm, the Skunk2 arms were NOT designed with sphericals in mind and do not necessarily have the tight tolerance range of our parts and the bearings we use. We also generally use Loctite 680 to augment the press fit of the bearing sleeves in the arms. Finally, due to the irregular shape of the arm it is not that easy to press the bearings into the arms. We have fixtures and dies to make installation a snap.

The standard set uses Aurora COM-9T bearings. An upgrade to the NHBB Racing Series bearing is offered at additional cost. However, in this application the loads do not generally warrant the higher end bearings we use in LCA applications.

Bearing Technical Specifications – Aurora COM-9T
– Radial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 16,630
– Axial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 20% of above or 3326

EK Front UCAs

Price: $220.00
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