EF Civic/DA Integra Front Radius Rod Bearings

The EF Civic/DA Integra front radius rod spherical bearing set was designed to overcome the deficiencies inherent in most of the current offerings on the market while still remaining SCCA IT legal. This all starts with proper bearing selection. What causes premature bearing wear and play in this application is high axial loads. Axial load is that load being transmitted through the center of the bearing ball parallel to the front radius rod itself. Essentially, under acceleration and especially under braking the load is attempting to push the ball out of the bearing race.

Our solution is to use a wider, higher end bearing with vastly higher axial load ratings and a much higher end PTFE liner than the competition uses. The largest manufacturer of EF/DA front radius rod bearings uses Aurora bearings and what they call a COM10-AB which is their in house designation for an Aurora COM-10T. There is certainly nothing wrong with COM series bearings and we use them in our lower load applications like our upper control arm sphericals.

However, it our opinion that the COM-10T does not provide adequate longevity and reliability in this application. The COM-10T has a maximum axial load rating of about 4256 lbs and uses an inexpensive PTFE liner. The NHBB (New Hampshire Ball Bearing) ABWT10 bearing that we use in this application has a maximum axial load rating of 9,195 lbs, uses an extremely high end PTFE liner and is MIL-SPEC rated. The much higher end NHBB bearings of course push the price of our units higher than the competition. But the approximate $50 difference nets you a quality of design, manufacture, material and bearing unrivaled by the competition.

We use 4140 HT (Heat Treated) steel for the bearing housing as well as the rear bolt plate. We use 7075 AL for the four spacers and 5 mm shims included to help dial in caster and account for a less than straight chassis. A shoulder is used at one end of the ID of the bearing housing to give a positive stop when pressing in bearings and to reduce the risk of accidental disassembly. Bearings are then loctited and pressed in the housing and a c-clip at one end provides triple redundancy.

Bearing Technical Specifications – NHBB ABWT10
– Radial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 58,500
– Axial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 9,195

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