DC Integra/EG Civic Spherical Front LCAs


*** $70 refundable core charge already included in price. *** The DC Integra/EG Civic spherical front lower control arm (LCA) conversion utilizes the very high end Aurora Performance Racing Series of bearings. PWB-10T bearings are utilized in the inner pivots and shock mounts. CNC turned 4140 HT steel sleeves are pressed in the LCAs and tig tack welded for redundancy. Bearings are retained via interference and Loctite 609. As always, shoulders are used on the ID and OD of the bearing sleeve to further reduce any chance of disassembly and a c-clip provides additional redundancy in bearing retention. 7075 AL is used for the bearing spacers.

Note that the front LCA conversion does NOT include the compliance bearing conversion. This conversion may be purchased separately and is highly recommended.

Bearing Technical Specifications – Aurora PWB-10T
- Radial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 29,000
- Axial Static Limit Load Capacity Lbs: 6,130

Note: A $70 core charge refund is offered on OEM core exchanges for this product. Just the straight portion of the LCA is included. ie. Rearward portion of the arm and compliance bushings are NOT included. Arms are checked for straightness but of course they are a used part and have some minor signs of use.

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